Thursday, July 24, 2008

more -- even MORE -- Garter Stitch

Well, after whining and complaining about the afghan that was miles and miles of garter stitch, I upped the ante and did MORE garter stitch. Mason Dixon continue to inspire me and I am really fond of their book. The fact that they have a new one coming out in September is a HUGE delight to me and I can't wait! They make things that are different, interesting, and they never talk down to their readers. SO in that very first book they created
"Absorba" which is described as a bathmat. I needed a bathroom rug for my very small bathroom. (I will never make House and Gardens with this bathroom).
The previous owners put in some godawful tile in a color that will never look clean, even after I scrubbed it with a brush on my hands and knees, something I have never done before. (I won't make it to Martha Stewart's top 100 list with THAT admission either).

In any case, it is sort of greenish and a light colored rug made it look a whole
lot worse.
Enter Absorba, in Peaches and Cream Double Worsted Weight Cotton, 3 strands held together.. 2 black, 1 black watch. It was hard-on-the-hands knitting, my thumbs may never be the same, but it WORKS!!!
This is the best rendition of the color, it is also best for the floor tile. At least, on my monitor that is true.

and it is big enough, I added at the ends until I ran out of yarn, and did a small crochet edge to make it a little more finished, and there you have it.
Ignore the toes.


Mark said...

Ignore your toes, Jordi? Never!

jordiw said...

I love it when my throw off lines are deemed worthy of response!!
I'll be looking for yours... Toes OR throw off remarks, either one will do.

Gill said...

He beat me to it! But then I've had distractions...will tell all later in the week!

V nice bathmat btw. Quite agree re M & D. Love em to bits.

jordiw said...

A story.. a story... please do tell. I have been trapped here trying to get work done for 2 whole days.. waiting for a story.