Saturday, June 20, 2009

Have I mentioned

That it is raining in New York?
That it has rained for 16 of the last 20 days?
That I am not talking about little splashes in the puddles here, but that I am talking about
gullywashers (If we had gullies).
OK, I am talking about GUTTERwashers with thunder and lightning and hail...oh yes.
I am talking about dismal, depressing droplets falling from the skies, and no matter how much we pretend tomorrow might be better it rains again.
We are talking about rained out baseball.
And, finally, we are talking about how when I put my dripping umbrella in the bathtub,
two furbuckets take refuge, in case it starts raining INSIDE next.

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Maggie Grey said...

Glad you are back in business. Don't often have time to comment but you do cheer me up on busy days. The kittybrolly is priceless.

Gill said...

You must feel like you're in England!

nadine said...

this is Gorgeous !

Nita Bruce said...

Priceless, Jordi - enjoy the rain :-(