Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sometimes, but not always

I think that I want my life to look like this... all neat and orderly with things sized appropriately to fill the space available. And occasionally it does

However, much more often it looks like this:

I am finding that I like the second pic better than the first, and not so much desiring neatness and order from the universe.

How about you? Which one appeals to you more... and are you still out there after this looonnnnggg silence?


Gill said...

I'm still here...

I know what you mean by being attracted to everything fitting together neatly - and yet, when it does, it leaves no room for the unexpected. So often, it's the chance offer or opportunity which makes all the difference, too.

I'd go for a happy medium- some neatly fitting bits, but plenty of space and other openings for surprises!!

Travis said...

I think mines more cut the pictures in to pieces and scatter them. :)

Nicki said...

The second pic looks like my week. Not so bad. Glad that you're back.

nadine said...

i love the neat little squares.
I love designs that incorporate nice neat squares & rectangles.
but my
reality, my life, my Messiness-of-Grand-proportions.... is nothing
at all like the neat little squares.