Monday, June 8, 2009

My view of New Jersey

This is my view across the Hudson not including the Bridge (because I have documented the Bridge a million times already). I live just south of the Cloisters, which is now a part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I owe my gorgeous, almost uninhabited view directly to John D. Rockefeller Jr.

In 1927, according to the Cloisters website, "in addition to financing the conversion of 66.5 acres of land just north of Barnard's museum into a public park—inside which the new museum building would be located—and donating seven hundred acres of additional land to the state of New Jersey across the Hudson River to ensure that the view from The Cloisters remain unsullied, Rockefeller contributed medieval works of art from his own collection (including the celebrated set of seven South Netherlandish tapestries depicting "The Hunt of the Unicorn") and established an endowment for operations and future acquisitions."

The river here is really a tidal estuary, so it is indeed a "river that flows both ways" which is what the Indians who lived here called it sometimes when the tide is changing it looks as though nothing is moving at all. Sometimes, when the river is almost still it is like living on a mountain lake. When it looks like this I send a little "thank you" to John D wherever he may be. He made a beautiful park, a gorgeous museum and a serene view all possible over 80 years ago.
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blackbird said...

We stopped by your view the other day - it's awfully nice.