Monday, August 29, 2011


I showed you a version of this before the onset of Irene. Behind these loosely connected cones lies a swath of pea gravel. A single line of yellow tape connects them all.

After DOT arrived to secure them for the storm they looked like this. They now had 2 strands of yellow tape running through them. No other change but I guess they were being doubly cautious.

Groan away, I couldn't resist.
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Gill said...

Can't be too careful, you know...belt AND braces! Glad to see you survived.

Dorothy Gibbs said...

Hi Jordi,
Get the impression thta someone's heart wasn't in it?
I'm so pleased you survived the ordeal.
For some reason Google won't let me change my email so I will try and send this but you can't reply to this here.