Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Class project

Gill has been posting about the class we took together at the International Center for Photography last week. She is SOOO much more organized than I am, but this was one of the most interesting parts for me and I had to finish it at home because I was not lugging the "substrate" AKA Deco Glass Block all the way from 181st Street to Midtown to apply the imagery. SO, here it is, a partial success, not quite what I had in mind.

The project involved creating a "skin" using acrylic medium and inkAID on a flexible polyethyene sheet AKA a kitchen chopping mat. There was where I went a bit amok. I used a pearlescent inkAID and I should have used clear. The vision was that after I printed onto the skin I would end up being able to use clear acrylic medium to attach the prints onto the block (up to here it worked fine) and you would be able to see the bridge through the trees and vice versa (that's where the pearlescent inkAID did me in).
However, that said, the block is still interesting no matter which side you look at, and I can do it again as I have another block and some clear inkAID on its way.  The first set of pictures have a regular light bulb on the block and the second set have daylight.

I am showing it here so you can see how it came out and maybe have a sense of where my brain was going when I started this project.  Besides, I think Gill would email me once a week til I did it, sort of like a Tickler File Memo!

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Gill said...

Bravo! Looks great - and I see what you mean about the pearlescent inkaid. I did it too - why? I think we were seduced by the glimmer!

I might have sorted my notes but I have done absolutely nothing with any of the stuff I brought back...busy times and all of that. Hope to get back into it soon.

Love the concept of the glass block. Love the prints. It's going to work really well, I think.

dorothypandorasbox said...

Hi Jordi, Love what you have done. I was really envious of you and Gill on thta course although i know I wouldn't have coped with all the walking in NY. I shall make do with my Mary Taylor video and see what I can do here.
I would love to see what you do with that picture of you snd your \mum in due course.