Friday, August 5, 2011

Purell Transfers

One of the easiest transfers uses Purell as the transfer medium. The hard part is maybe finding a brand of transparency that will "give up" its ink to the paper. I was playing around with some that I already had, and found that IBM Injet Transparencies worked like a charm. Having made the transfer, however, I had to work back into them ... why? Because I COULD! I liked these two tries.

The sunflower has the following added to the Purell transfer: Peerless Watercolor, Lyra watersoluble crayons and some beeswax crayons that I found in my stash.

The Koi has the same except no beeswax crayons.

In printing terms, this was a second. There was still ink left on the Transparency sheet so I tried it again with fresh Purell to see if it would come off. Especially interesting to me was the pink where the blue had been before. I didn't add that, it was what appeared in place of the blue. I did go back into the Koi with watersoluble crayons and used the watercolors to smear stuff off the edges.

This was an insane attempt to use the "wrong" side of the transparency sheet to see if it would work. The answer was no and this is prettymuch a total re-creation of some smearey ink... but cute, so I kept it.

I am excited I got this to work.. Hooray!
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Dorothy Gibbs said...

Hi Jordi, I love these examples of your work at the workshop in NY.
I wonder if there are suppliers here in the UK. I shall have to ask around. The delivery charges would be prohibitive otherwise.
Thanks for sharing.

Gill said...

Who's a clever girl then?!
(Don't ask who's been too busy to do anything!)

Purell is in the UK as well Dorothy. Ww have it in the office.