Thursday, September 1, 2011


I finally just made the covers out of bookboard, cut to the same size as the pages. I painted one side red with a gold overlay and the other side blue with a gold overlay. So the front is one color and the back is another. I really wanted to get this done to see what I had learned and what it all looks like put together.

This is one side

This is the other. I am not sure which is the front, content remains to be seen.

What do I like? I LOVE the pages. They don't stick together and they are inviting. How they are going to work for me will be the next steps, but I love that scraping and stamping and doing whatever technique. I barely scraped (no pun intended) the surface of what these pages can look like. I can see making tons of these pages and making all sorts of different sizes, some journals with similar pages throughout and some, like this with all kinds of different pages.

What needs more attention? My sewing improved as I went, and I think that a second one will result in pages that are much tighter and in sewing on the outside that looks better. There are also all sorts of interesting variations possible now that I have it basically figured out.

Where is an issue? The cover doesn't really snug up to the pages tightly enough. I think maybe I should have punched the first holes closer to the edge, for starters. I am also going to look around at how others did it. BUT it will suffice for now and I have the start of a photo based journal project. I have to now print out a bunch of my millions of photos and see where we go from here! Hooray.
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Gill said...

Because you THOUGHT AHEAD and left the stitching loose, you might find tht as you add content, the spine accomodates the contents comfortably rather than buckling under the strain.
Just my 2p!

That's a nice book you made there!!

Dorothy Gibbs said...

Love it!
I agree with Gill you might be pleased you left it a bit loose.

dorothypandorasbox said...

Just trying to see if I have managed to change my email address, ignore me!