Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sweet Paul Magazine - Fall 2011 - Page 1

Sweet Paul Magazine - Fall 2011 - Page 1:

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I always find something to like in this ezine. He has a very good eye for styling but he also has substance. I never thought, for example, about oven drying pears and probably apples, though I have oven dried a zillion cherry tomatoes against the coming famine...(joke) but I do have a huge freezer container full of oven dried cherry tomatoes and I DO use them all winter, so why not pears since they are in the market right now. If I were Gill and had access to sloes I might make sloe gin, but then maybe pear gin would be interesting? Could you make pear gin?  I know you could make pear vodka.....hmmmmmmm

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Gill said...

Well there are a few recipes/ideas here

Can you get damsons? (Damson gin is possibly better than sloe...)

Or plums? The smaller the better - if you could get mirabelles....