Sunday, September 25, 2011

Favorite jacket updated

A long long time ago... sounds like the start of a song, doesn't it? I had/have a jacket from Eileen Fisher that I adored. I loved it so much that my purse wore several holes in it. Above is only one of those holes.

I patched them, I had similar linen fabric and I decided why not just patch it and make it into a Boro Fabric creation, after all, I loved the jacket. Even after it was patched, however, the wimpy peach/pink/greypink color made it a spring jacket and I don't wear jackets in the Spring. I do wear light jackets in the Fall, however.

Finally, I broke out the dye. I hoped that the patch was similar enough to the original linen to dye, and while I was at it, I dyed a hot pink T-shirt that I never word because it was ...... hot pink. What I was thinking I don't know. I also dyed some inoffensive greyish t shirts too. Remember, my daily uniform now is a t shirt and whatever jeans/cords/shorts are appropriate to the temperature. I can't recall the last time I wore anything else.... so I now have 3 t-shirts in various shades of blue/bluegreen .. and this!

I LOVE it. It really dyed well.. that dark spot on the lower right side is where I patched another hole, so it looks ok in real life. I have a lightweight fallish jacket that I can't wait to wear. ALTHOUGH it is linen. I guess that means I have to iron it first. Or iron it second after I find the iron that I haven't seen in a year or so. Always something, I guess.
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blackbird said...

I'm surprised!
It looks great and now you don't have to part with an old friend.

Gill said...

Now, how am I going to recognise you in a different coloured favourite jacket?!

I l-o-v-e that jacket. All hail Eileen.

Mags said...

What a great idea and one I might copy one day.