Saturday, September 3, 2011

playing with the focus

on my lovely little point and shoot. Isn't it nice how that little 'lantern' in the back pops into focus when the front one pops out!  I have a Canon Digital ELPH, the SD870  and I do love it. Once you figure out how to control the light based on where you focus and how to use the closeup it is a wonderful camera. I had to link to Amazon when I saw that price on the used or semi used ones.  I should buy another as a backup!  This is a great camera!

I keep looking at the new Sony Alpha NEX C3 because it has interchangeable lenses and a better long lens but I guess I will have to look at it in real life to see how heavy it is and how well it does in low light.  I have gone to BandH enough times now that I think they see me coming and hide, but I make them take the same picture in low light that I am taking and so far nothing else shoots as well in low light as my Canon.

I don't care much about video, and for the little bit I shoot it, the Canon is just fine. It fits easily in a pouch attached inside my purse, so it is always there and I don't ever shoot with flash, so low light, weight and ease of use are my hot buttons. I shoot in aperture mode all the time, and the Canon handles it all really well.

Why do I want something else? The lens is just not long enough for me. It gets grainy when I shoot the bridge, and though I use the grain I would love the option to shoot it more clearly.

I keep evaluating the new ones and nothing approaches this little bitty bit of great camera... I should have called this post a love letter to my Canon, should I not?

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Gill said...

You know I've been dithering too - but I plumped for a new Sony HX9 last weekend and am really happy with my choice! I felt that I'd never carry all those extra lenses around with me had I bought one of the NEX cameras.

Anyway, I now have built in GPS and a 10x optical zoon in a camera not much bigger than my present T900. I'll have to come and show you sometime ;-) (Unless you'd like to come and look at it here, of course!)