Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well, I decided to block one thing. This is a little shawlette, It is from the Pacific Shawl pattern from Ravelry. It is designed for bigger yarn than I used, so what I have is a very small light shawlette that fits easily inside your coat.

Because I really did want to use beads, I had to find some really tiny ones. They barely show, but I actually like that. They were, however, a bear to get in with the world's tiniest crochet hook. Splitting the yarn was a big problem. This yarn is Dream from the Buffalo Woo; Company, though not nearly as much as the picture on Ravelry shows.

They call it a cobweb yarn, that tells the story about it for sure. But it really is soft and lovely. The important thing about the pattern is something I did NOT do. READ THE PATTERN ALL THE WAY THROUGH BEFORE STARTING! It is a bit wonky in parts because I failed to do that and never used Chart B at all, but it is pretty, warm, and soft and the pattern police are not going to arrest me because I got a bit creative to make it work out vaguely even...

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