Saturday, February 11, 2012


Loretta has written about not keeping up, about having a different focus than many bloggers seem to have -- which seems to be to seek success and a book contract from their blog. Gill has commented similarly. Well, I am right there with them. But it is hard (said Thoreau) to march to a different drummer, and it started me thinking again. Do I want, need, or even care about a book contract or 70 or 100 comments on each of my pages? NO!! and NO!!!! again. 

However, is it easy to write and rarely know if anyone reads what you write? If you are writing only to view it later yourself it is easier. I often tell people that I blog so that when I start forgetting what I did last week I have a place to see what it was, provided, of course, that I can remember where the blog is! I often feel that I have maybe 5 readers, and I am fine with that though hearing from them now and then would be fun

I have knitted a lot of things (most still unblocked) that I haven't documented. I have shown the journal pages that I have done because they feel the most like art for me. Someone once told me that my art was "idiosyncratic". Whether that was a positive or a negative I am not sure. Would I like a group of similarly aged or similarly interested people to talk about it with? Yep, I would and I think that is what I was thinking when I started this blog a couple of years ago. I sort of hoped that it would develop into a small bit of society for people who were doing stuff without really wanting it to become daily work.

I am blogging for me, and now that is plenty but I have to remember to comment more myself on some of the ten million blogs I read!


Gill said...

I agree, Jordi - like you, I blog for myself and would actually rather have five friendly if quiet readers than five thousand people with opinions to share! But so many of my favourite go to blogs are turning into sales pitches and so many people blog about the same thing - or perhaps I read too many blogs from the same interest group?

Loretta's post offered much food for thought and she voiced many of the niggles I share too.

dorothypandorasbox said...

You are so right Jordi. It is nice to hear from people who look at the blog. I think quite a lot don't know how to do it mind and ask them to get a Google ID... well'nough said!