Friday, April 4, 2008

The Yarn Harlot comes to NY to distract me from my other travails

That (the arrow) points to where Nicki and I were standing.......My bad.. I was late. But there we were, WAAAAYYYYY back there in the nosebleed section. Of Course, if we had gotten a nosebleed there was plenty of yarn around to staunch the blood.
It was great that the Yarn Harlot was able to get us in the picture, though, this is from her eye view from her website... If you go there you can see the other side of the group and see how her sock saw Times Square.

This is Her Harlotness waiting to be introduced by some folks from Borders who did not quite see what the excitement was all about but played along fairly well anyway.
And finally two other shots, one so she can look and see how she looked from our end of the universe, and another to show what the rest of the row was doing while she was talking. I will show you what she managed to distract me from in another post, this is getting too picture heavy..

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