Thursday, February 5, 2009

Anatomy of the Flu

I have had the flu with a vengeance.  However, as usual, there is humor even in despair.  I spent a lot of time in contemplation of how to lower Sienna out the window onto the ground 5.5 feet below the window and, even more interesting, how to get her back inside once I had done that. 

Hmm, I could maybe lower the folding stairs out the window and entice her to climb up them and then somehow grab her and drag her back through the window that I just threw her out of?  

This deep pondering took place at 2 AM while lying on the floor thinking about how I was going to have to get up and take her out if I couldn't get the window option to work.

The other choice is the "maybe she will pee in the bathtub" solution.  However how to explain to her that I wanted her to do something she has only done about 2 times in 4 years is not exactly an easy thought. 

I finally walked her out and back and made it, somehow.  At two in the morning, however, dropping her out the window and enticing her back in sure did sound interesting!!

I'll be back in another day or so.  We all 4 survived.


Helen Suzanne said...

amazing what creative thinkers we can be in times of need!!
hope you're on the mend and feel better soon

blackbird said...

Couldn't you tie a rope around her waist and lower her. (Attention animal rights people: leave me alone.)

I do hope you feel better.

nadine said...

it boggles the mind that you can
even write a post when you are so ill.
hope that by now Romeo is making you chicken soup