Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ok, I am about thru with stage 1 thinking..

It is hard to take a picture of what is going on in the inside of your mind... have you noticed?
I found a mattress called a three quarter mattress.  It is bigger than a single, smaller than a full and designed chiefly for vintage beds.  Since it is just me and Sienna in the bed I think it is big enough.

It is going to be mine.  

It is 48" wide and 75" long, so the bedframe, which will be just a wood constructed flat thingee like the current one, is going to be 48 inches wide and go across the full width of the room under the window.  It will be 24 inches high and so with the mattress on it, it will be 32" high and just clear the bottom of the window. 

The two flatfiles will fit under the bed in the middle with the backs together so I can slide them open, and there will be room in front of them for my yarn stash.  I am clearing out my stash, and will be putting some skeins up on Ravelry in the next couple of days.   The room, by the way is 8 feet wide and the only other things in the room are going to be the wardrobe that you can see in the "current bedroom" picture and the mirror that is leaning against the wall.

I am becoming a monk  ... it is a cell ... maybe I am practicing for incarceration?

I am repainting the room the same color as the current bedroom.  I like that color and I have a lot left.   

I am going to complete the molding in the room.  We ran out of wood and time when I moved in so I thought I could do without molding in the studio, now I am getting it done. 

I may get the bars cut off those windows.  I hate them,  Sienna stands between the window and any intruder and besides, who is going to break into a monk's cell????

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Nita Bruce said...

sounds like a plan, Jordi - good luck with it all, but what on earth is a flat file? Doesnt sound very flat to me! Your walls look like they're made out of books like mine. Will look out for the destash.