Monday, February 9, 2009

Well, Flu makes your brain run fast..

As my 'dutiful reader' knows, I have been sick and spent a bit of time lying about on the couch pondering ways to get Sienna out to pee without actually walking all the way to the front door of the building and then as far as it took her to actually produce something that would allow us to return to a horizontal position. 

Since that line of pondering didn't do much in terms of results, as I began to feel a bit better another idea began to obsess me, and this one has come to be "real" in my mind. So you are invited in on the ground floor of my next insane flight of decorating nuttiness.

I have a 2 bedroom apartment. A big bedroom, by New York standards, which looks a good bit like this:

Most of you have seen this before, and know it looks exactly like this much of the time.  The bed is high because it is a frame that is built to allow 2 stacked flatfiles to be housed under it.  The files are 42 inches wide, 30 inches deep and when stacked are about 4.5 feet high.  They are "artfully" covered by that bed skirt thingee

If you pan right from the previous view of this room, you see that I have installed a table at the top of the bed where my sewing machine sits, and the wall to the right of that is covered by bookcases, top to bottom.
I am not a "bedroom" kind of person.  I have thought about it.  I don't read in bed.  If I am sick I lie on the couch.  I crawl into the bedroom when I just can't keep my eyes open for 10 more seconds, crawl into the bed, invite Sienna to join me and go instantly to sleep.  
I do the process in reverse in the AM, by lying there til I can't do it anymore, kicking Sienna out and getting up, dressed and leaving the room, not to return til it is way dark.
On the other side of the wall is this little room, sometimes euphemistically called "the studio".
Now there is a bit of space in here but I can't find it anymore, nor can I find the metal expanding measuring tape I know is there or about 100 other things I know are there.  
Also, I recognized a thing I have known about myself but I forget sometimes.  I read an article recently about a woman who works in her bed.  I work in a chair.  Not a chair at a table, a chair with arms and a soft seat and maybe equipped with a footstool to put my feet up on while I draw, cut, glue etc in my lap.  It is how I work, people, and I don't have much place here for a chair.
I did stuff one in here, you can see a bit of it on the left just inside the door, but it ain't pretty.
So..... the rooms are going to swap.  Stay tuned for details, I am making lists.  It CAN be done.
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Gill said...

Oh my, this is going to be interesting...

Hope you're over the flu now, Jordi. It really does take it out of you, doesn't it? I assume Romeo's back to normal now? Perhaps he had the flu too?

Maggie Grey said...

I don't believe in bedrooms, either and think you have a great idea. We did it the other way round and now I get by with a small workroom and a gigantic cupboard in the spare bedroom. When I had a huge room to work in I could never find anything as it was always such a mess. Now I force myself to put things away and have far more working room.

Do hope you are better soon - had a giggle about the descending dog.

nadine said...

Good luck with the Major Adjustment of sleeping quarters & Life Rearrangement.

I suggest many episodes of Wallace & Gromet to discover fun ways for Sienna to get outside without you.
Life will never be the same