Monday, February 23, 2009

I know.........

It is not exactly that I have been keeping you in the dark about the insane idea to swap the studio (the small room) and the bedroom (the big room).  It is that I have been keeping ME in the dark about the insane idea.  
If I could just wiggle my nose and have it be done it would have been over long long ago.  It has proved to be a real feat of engineering and strategy that is just exhausting me and turning the animals into zombies.  
So this is where we are.  I have the biggest bookcase, the one that goes around the corner in this picture of the little room......
MOVED!!!  That means the wardrobe in the big room had to be emptied and moved off the rug, the rug rolled up, and the pastels taken down and stored and the wardrobe stashed in a temporary corner. (Don't think about that too hard, all the corners I am aware of are really permanent)

Then the corner bookcase had to be emptied and the bookcase had to be moved and re-assembled in the big room with the corner turning the other way.  I LOVE these bookcases, and Container store doesn't sell them anymore, alas.  The only problem is that to do the corner shelves you have to screw in a metal piece and you can't just lift them out once the piece is attached, you have to UNSCREW EVERY SINGLE CORNER SHELF!!  I didn't know that when I started, so that was a fun day.  Then you have to SCREW EVERY SINGLE CORNER SHELF BACK into the bracket once you have repositioned them.   You don't have to do that with the straight shelves, thank heavens.  

Then I had to put the stuff back onto the shelves.  I really wanted to clump things together in some sort of a logical fashion, so eack piece sort of went back in with thought, that also took for freaking ever.  NOW.  It isn't perfect, but at least it is all off the floor and on the shelves.   

The rug is spread out because Sienna insists on jumping off the bed, and I wanted her to have a safe place to land.  She is mildly psychotic.  It seems that herding dogs have some sort of high internal need for order.  Stuff as big as furniture moving around makes her crazy and she attaches herself firmly to my leg and won't move.  She sits outside the studio, which is a REAL mess, trust me on that, and whines for it to all go back into place.  It ain't happening sweetie. 

Romeo and Clementine long ago learned to just get out of the way.
Can you tell from the big boy's wide eyes that he doesn't like the trend either?
SO the next step is, I think, to buy the mattress and get it delivered and to take the big tall bed apart.  There are parts of it I think I can use for the new bed, so once I have a sort of place to sleep and the bed down I can move the other two bookcases from the left side of the small room.   Actually, I have to move the two heaviest pieces of furniture I own  ....  the two flat files filled with paper before I can put the other 2 bookcases into the big room since they are in the way of that.  SIGH  I guess they have to be emptied also before moving.  Do you think I will be done by the end of March?  I was hoping for February, since I can't do much else til it is done but I am losing heart here. 
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Gill said...

Don't lose heart just yet....

What you are doing is amazingly challenging - simply finding room for each piece whilst the others slot into place makes me think of one of those sliding puzzles. Just hope you don't get stuck with the wrong piece in some inaccessible (permanent) corner!