Thursday, February 26, 2009

I just keep making it more complex

I decided that since I have SOOO much time til a week from Saturday when Rafael can build the new bed and paint that I was going to paint the two bookcases in the small room before I move them to the big room.  Since I can't move them til I disassemble the bed, I figured that I will just empty them in place and paint them to match the walls in the big room.  One is a very neutral cream, but the other is some sort of yukky blue.  You can see them both here.  I have emptied one, the other is still staring at me.

I labeled where on the shelf each stack came from.   
Of course, having done this, there is nowhere to put the bed once I disassemble the big bed until I get the bookcases moved and re-loaded.  I may be sleeping on the couch. 
 I could never be one of those people who renovate and live there while it is being done.  I need me a comfy bed and a place to sit that is clean and welcoming.  I joke that Sienna doesn't do chaos well.  I have found that I don't either.   Also, this is living proof that I am avoiding clearing the second bookcase.
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1 comment:

nadine said...

i don't handle Chaos well at all.
i'm with you - - very much in need of a tidy chair zone & good place to sleep.

good luck.