Friday, July 10, 2009

and finally

I made these, well, actually, I am making these, one is done the other has the heel turned and is almost there. They are from the insanely creative CookieA
Sock Innovation is an amazing book, I was getting bored with socks a little but she gave me back my sockness.
HOWEVER .. she does socks from the top down. She has reasons, and they are valid, but socks from the toe up are the ones I like to make. We shall not discuss my inability to do Kitchener stitch in polite company. Aside from that small issue, I have small feet. I have, as a matter of fact size 6 feet and I like my socks LONG. There is no way to tell how much yarn you can devote to the top when you start at the top and work down because you are always worrying you won't have enough for the feet. I mean, how awful will it be when you have created this glorious top part of the sock ... the part most people see ... and you don't have enough yarn for the toes because you added an extra repeat.
So just briefly.. I copied her pattern chart, turned it upside down and knitted the blasted things from toe to top. The pattern generally worked. There is some oddness where I think the side panels were supposed to cross into the cable-y part, and that didn't work so well, but the rest was fine and I improvised an eye of partridge toe and heel and I LOVE them.
She is a genius, that Cookie A. I just wish I knew what was supposed to happen in that wonky little bit that didn't work upside down. But, overall, I am pleased and they fit my foot like gloves without the fingers.
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Gill said...

Do I recognise that yarn?

jordiw said...

You might well know it. I love it. But then, you know everything!!

jordiw said...

Well that got sent before it was done.. I'll bet you have your whole stash indexed.. I just opened a bucket and took out one I liked.. it is "A Sock for All Seasons" from the Yarn tree in Brooklyn.. You must have been there when I bought it since I have only been there with you!! What a memory thou hast!!!