Friday, July 24, 2009

I never took a picture

of my bathroom mirror, I have been hunting through all my Picassa files trying to find one and I guess there is just not one to find. In any case, this is the story of my bathroom mirror. First, it is not the original that came with the medicine chest. The previous owners added a bigger mirror with a not-my-choice-ever silver wooden frame. In addition to that, the mirror had a lot of places along the bottom that had de-silvered (or whatever the technical term for black ugly spots is).

Since I am short, those black spots were right in my eye level view, although the top of the mirror is just fine. So one day I drummed up some paint, took the mirror down and painted the frame the same green that I had painted the frames of the three pictures that hang in the bathroom. BIG improvement. Then, while I had it off the wall, I turned it upside down in the frame so the black spots were up at the top. Blogless Nicki came by and we managed to re-hang the mirror and it was a lot better, but those damned spots still bothered me and the hinges that were on it were loose and I couldn't get them any tighter.

NOW!!! I got some Pebo Vitrine glass paint, drew some circles, drew some lines, slung some pait and my mirror, which I can't hang back up by myself and is sitting here waiting for 4 hands, has a new "stained glass ish" top and the black spots are INVISIBLE!!

I was so proud of it that I had to show you even though the fan is visible in the picture and it needs to be rehung in the bathroom, which I will do when I find an unsuspecting stranger with some time on their hands who wants to spend that time in my bathroom .... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Above is the full top of the mirror. The design is about 3 inches by about 15.5 inches. Those brown things are the bedroom ceiling fan blades reflected in the mirror.
closeup of part one.
part 2
part 3... there is more, but it is not quite in focus. More later when I find the extra set of hands.
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Nicki said...

Have no fear Blogless Nicki will come to the rescue this weekend! It looks great.