Sunday, July 12, 2009

If you have an attachment to clamps

consider the above picture and weep. Sienna, a character well known to my faithful reader(s?), is crated when I leave the house for longer than 30 minutes or so. Mostly this is to keep her from eating cat food and otherwise annoying the other fur critters in the house. However, during the 4th of July fireworks there were some "local exhuberance" fireworks set off right behind the apartment and they scared her. She managed to open one side of her crate and squeeze out. I figured it was a terror reaction and refastened the side of the crate but yesterday when she greeted me at the door again I knew a stronger intervention was required.

So, today when I left for brunch, I clamped the side she has managed to open together with 2 clamps, opening inward with handles on the outside.

When I came home, the items in the picture above were on the floor of the crate, and Sienna was lounging on the couch.

Maybe she will learn to drive next and come find me whenever I go out?
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Nicki said...

LOL. She is too much. I love it. I can't stop laughing.