Thursday, February 12, 2015

And this is a third part of the journal

This was a strange page, I was playing with the right side, and the dog appeared.  It was not a dog when I was looking at the ink already on the page, but when I finished messing about with gesso and ink, there he was.  Additionally part of what I was using for backgrounds on this page are bits of pages from a very disintegrated copy of Jane Eyre.  In the process I found a bit of poetry in the page I was covering up, so I recreated it.

The left side of the page came together when I was playing with some photos I took from the second floor of MOMA when I was there to see the Matisse Cut Outs.  I took a whole series of people talking to each other in the garden and then turned them into silhouettes.  These two didn't start off like this, she was talking to him originally, but then she walked away and I realized she had been going to do that all along.  When I was trying to position them as if they were talking the distance between them was hard to find.

The Delicacy of Pride, ...

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Gill said...

Ooooh, deeeeeppp!
The page looks great and speaks volumes. Love it.