Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another Journal Page

This page is a bit further on in the book.  It is something that defied me by coming together in about two short sessions and refusing all further work.

The page background is from silver Joss papers with some various other bits of scrap from my scrap bag.  I try to limit myself to a single small bag of bits and pieces of interesting paper that might fit in a collage.  I have a couple of boxes of larger pieces of paper, wrapping etc. but one bag of little bits.  

when I had the paper pieces glued down I thought I would try a transfer onto the Joss paper.  It didn't take well, very faint and smeary, but it let me play on it with an italic fountain pen and some generally semi-permanent ink. When I was through playing around with the pen I strengthened some of the dark spots and declared it done.  I have looked a number of times but I am pleased to leave it as it is...

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