Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Book 2 is nearly done.

I am still pleased with the decision to make the "leftover" prints and other types of images into small books to play in.  I hesitate to say they are "journals" since They don't reflect my day to day life, but rather my eye and where it goes, and those two things are different.  I have shown pages one and two before on this blog, but here they are just to start me off from the beginning.  I don't work in order, I work where something catches my interest and play around on that page until I decide to move on for a while. I never seem to finish a page or a group of pages, in one sitting.  I have worked at this book for several months and I rarely leave a page on the first stab at it and continue it until it feels done.

My joke is that I am a process knitter.  I don't care WHAT I am knitting I only care that I AM knitting.  It seems that is how I have been about these two books.  I just do things until I feel like it is done without, I hope, being overworked.

OK,  These are the first two pages: They should get larger if you click:

I am skipping the next two pages... they belong in the "nearly" done section and I am not pleased with where they are yet.  However, this single page is especially interesting as it is a quote from the book We are All Completely Beside Ourselves  by Karen Joy Fowler.  I have now read it twice, and it was better the second time.  The quote in the picture is what I refer to when people ask what the book is about.

In case it is not readable: 
"This doesn't mean that this story isn't true, only that I honestly don't know anymore if I really remember it or only remember how to tell it.
Language does this to our memories -- simplifies, solidifies, codifies, mummifies.  An oft-told story is like a photograph in a family album, eventually it replaces the moment it was meant to capture."

Hmmm... do you have to be old before this resonates?


Anonymous said...

lOOE the prints and the idea of the books. Might have to pinch that idea! :-)

jordiw said...

I didn't mention that the "nude from the rear" on the page was originally an upside down cowboy boot bisected by the page fold. Her outstretched arm is the toe, and her head was part of the heel and I guess you can take it from there..