Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More Journal

I have been working in this journal for around 4 months.  I am not a planner.  What I do is look through the book for a page that interests me and do something on that page.  Then I might well move on to another page and do something on that page. Then I circle around through the book doing bits and pieces until a page feels done and then I stop with that page for a while.  Often I come back to that page after a couple of weeks and leave the book open and back off from it and sometimes I go back at it.

This page for example, became this after much playing around.  The right hand side was originally blank and then I did a Purell transfer of a photo I had taken of some letters to my father from his family in Germany around 1930 or so.  I just wanted the writing to be graphic when I did it and had no clue what I was doing next.   When I was looking at the pages like this one day the photo I had taken of the Reservoir popped into my mind and over the next couple of days it got transformed.  The left side is half of a Gelliplate print that I didn't particularly love, so I included it into the book. 

Often I tear off things that I have glued to a page thinking I liked them.  This next page is one of the first that I did in this journal and after a while I came to not like it at all,  At first it looked like this:

This was in late December and I was marginally pleased with it.  You will see that the next page has also changed a LOT since then but that is for another day.

This is what that page looks like now:
I tore off the little Siamese figures, and the magazine cut out girl also.  I like this better but I am not sure if it is done.
Since there is a little page in the middle I will show you how it looks with that page open also
That is where we are on those two pages right now.  I will turn the page again tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

It's eciting seeing these pages Jordi. Love to see how others develope their ideas.