Monday, November 16, 2015

Journal 4 Pages 17 - 18

This book was the last one I made from the leftover prints, and I think there were more plain vanilla pages in it than in the other 3.  It is interesting that I really did find this book to be a struggle. It wasn't a quick book by any means and a lot of these pages are heavy with glue and more glue.

I have been pondering it a while, as I haven't yet got a "next book" going.

This set of pages are really an example of how much of a struggle I had here.  I love the left page..

It uses a lot of things I like to use and it feels like it tells a story.  That is me in the photo, by the way, age about 4.  It is one of a series of pictures I keep coming back to, using and re-using.
The insert... not so much and the other side of the little page was sort of OK.

and then there is the other side.  The background is some wallpaper I found somewhere, a MOO card separation and a piece of an older sunflower print. The paper at the bottom came from some paper that I rusted using some old New York Waterworks parts that came available when a lunatic driver up here ran over the fire hydrant on the corner late one night.  It was pretty exciting for about half an hour before they got a cap on it, and there were lots of rusted metal parts lying around, so I picked them up.

Japanese paper for toughness and rust for color.

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