Monday, November 9, 2015

Journal 4, Pages 7 and 8

 This was clear on the left side but the colors on the right were pretty strong. The little page had squares on one side of it and so it was an interesting thing to address.

This was done early on and the little tree helicopters were all over the place and I incorporated some of them as well as some old envelopes again
I also cut out some of the squares in the little page.

The image on the page above is from the 9/11 memorial in 2003.  I was in Washington Square Park and this young girl was tending to a group of candles.  I keep coming back to this picture, and have used it in many other places.  When I fall in love with a picture I just keep on bringing it back.  This time it was from a MOO card that I separated. 

This is just to let you see how the cutout squares interact with the full pages. 

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