Thursday, January 24, 2008

desk, day2

I got it mostly clean. It looks fake it is so cleared off... although I suppose even a clean desk is relative. There are still things on it, but close up it looks shiny.

Before I do "before" pictures on the "studio" though, there are a couple of other aspects of this cleaning jag I am on.

The desk is really the first thing people see when they clear the hallway. Frances' comment about how different our lives were made me think about this view:

Standing in the entry foyer, you can see why the clean desk is something I need to focus on. If you look carefully you can also see that Sienna thinks this is a waste of perfectly good time that could be spent shagging balls on the tennis court (her), or throwing balls on the tennis court for shagging (me).

Finally, there are these things..somewhat neatly arranged in a tray. I found the ladybug in the

subway, just sitting on a bench, the knitting cables are for the Denise set I am going to list on EBay. (I want to know where they are and the minute I put them somewhere I will forget where they are). The mouse is for whenever someone else uses my computer so they don't mess with my stylus and pad.

There are sunglasses, folding reading glasses, a hair clamp and a battery for my phone. I NEED all of them, and if they aren't there, where would they be??? someplace where I couldn't find them. SO, as long as they all fit on the tray they are staying there.

Now on to the studio, but that is a several day project and "befores" will wait til tomorrow.

I am learning that my biggest problem is that I am an "in the open in piles" kind of organizer. If I put it away ...I can't find it.
How to address that.. do I make lists of where I put everything I think I might look for and then put the lists on the desk? That sounds a little weird. Suggestions? Getting rid of most of it is NOT an option, wait til you see the stuff in the studio!

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MargaretR said...

I just love your chatty blog Jordi.
I'm afraid I'm one of these people who has to see things or they are forgotten too. I don't have a tray, I have a huge basket!