Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vintage Plastic

I am starting to photograph some of my new pins etc. for Photographing them is never easy. I need several good pictures of each with one showing size.
I used to shoot them beside a quarter, but seems some people don't "get" that and still don't know what size they are.
This time I am trying to position them against an old folding ruler. Not sure if that is any better, but keeping everything level is proving to be harder than I would have predicted, optimist that I am.

Out of the first 43 shots I kept these 2. Lighting, sigh. I am still not happy with these, so back to the process.

The wind would blow the house down if it could. It must be coming across the river at 40 miles an hour. It isn't freezing, but with the wind it is an adventure to go out.
One person + one dog = 3 walks per day at a minimum. I remember when I used to be able to spend the whole day in my jammies when I worked from home and only had cats!

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