Friday, January 25, 2008

studio before

This is it. Today has to be the last day it looks like this, since I can't even get to the window to see the view, which is great.

The view is across the Hudson River, so I can see the Palisades in New Jersey and a lot of the river, though that is true only in the winter. In the summer I get a little sliver of river. (Don't ask about the little bodies hanging in the window. They are for another post sometime, but they are NOT bodies and they are NOT hanging)

I missed the picture but earlier today there was a white tug pushing a white barge with white boxes of some sort on it down the river. With my luck it was nuclear waste from the Indian Point Nuclear Reactor, but it was pretty great looking in any case.

OK, the goal is to start on the left corner and work my way around. Today I am hopeful.

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