Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We have knitting content

Now that home improvement has reached a pausing place (it never stops when you live with me ... as I do) I was wanting a hat. I have funny hair.. lots of very very fine mildly curly hair. As a result, I get VERY bad hat head. SO, if I make a hat it has to look good enough to stay on til I get into the shower again once I put it on.

and though it looked good in the picture it did nothing for me and was hard to keep on my head. I gave it away before I thought to take a picture of it, alas. Maybe Nicki will get a pic and send it to me?

This one did it for me, though I modified it significantly because........... I never seem to knit anything as written. Dysknittia perhaps?

This is how it looks now:

The model is very cooperative ... no?

the mods....

The Needles:

I didn't have size 17 needles and so I used size 15s.

The Yarn:

It calls for Rowan Big Wool (Gauge: 8 sts/4 in Needle: US 19) 2 skeins for the large size (87 yds/skein) I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky (Gauge: 10 sts/4 in Needle: US 13) color 16023.

Time: under 5 hours with time out for one dog walk.

Did I swatch? No, I sort of felt my way through it, and did a bunch of ripping out when I found something wasn't working.

What I changed: I added a pattern repeat to the large size so I started with 74 stitches. It fits my head perfectly. I added an extra cable repeat after the first decrease row to make the hat deeper (taller?) because the row guage was off too.

Yarn Used: About 10 yards more than 1 skein.

What I will change for the next one: I am going to make this again. I really like it. The next one I want to be even deeper (taller?) so I will do 2 repeats of the first pattern section instead of one. I think that will make it come down further on my ears, which I want it to do.

Bonus? I got 4 skeins of this lovely yarn, 2 each of complementary colors, so I will have close to 1.5 skeins left in 2 colors. Does that say "neckwarmer" to you? It does to me!


Sarah said...

Hi Jordi,
I really like your version of my hat. Especially the way the cables are so much more visible.
I love seeing other people do my patterns.

Nicki Filipponi said...

I will wear the hat this weekend. No photo necessary.

Rory said...

i would rather see the hat on the real model... YOU! Or maybe Romeo...