Monday, January 28, 2008

It is "done"

Except for the big fat cat in the middle of the workspace, it is 90% done. There are still boxes to clean out and things to figure out but for the first time since I moved up here to semi-urban Manhattan, I have a place I can actually DO things in. How EXCITING!!

Another shot, because I don't know when it is too much of a good thing:

I think it will be great in the daytime.

I do need a place to sit at the lowered table, but we shall see if I actually sit there or if it is home to printing once I have some young male company with the strong hands needed to tighten the legs on the drawing table. My mother always said "With your hands you better not want to be a washer woman." or words to that effect. I have NO strength in my grip and I guess it is way too late to start squeezing those exercise balls.

One final picture of the territorial issue we have going on here.

I put an old bathroom rug in Sienna's crate so it would be warmer for her. She likes it, but Romeo LURVES it. He goes in there as soon as she gets out in the morning and basically stays there all day. He has given up his cardboard box... Moving on UPscale, I guess. She routs him out at night when she goes to bed, but he didn't want to leave last night and for a while they were both in there.

The boy knows comfort when he sees it.


Helen Cowans said...

Looks good! Well done :)

Katie said...

HI Jordi!!!

Love the blog. I love seeing pics of the new place - I want more!

love ya!