Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Starting the final push

This is my way-too-messy-to-work-on desk. It is sort of symbolic of the mess that I am living in right this minute. When I first moved in, I was all about cleaning up and putting away, but when I got to the last boxes it started to overwhelm me like it did when EVERYTHING was in boxes. I need a jolt of "just do it nowitis". The kitchen and the living room are overall fine, the desk is a hole in that particular fabric.

Today the desk. Tomorrow the dreaded Studio. I had a good start there, but later when I unearthed anything that didn't seem to have a home I put it in the studio to deal with later. Now is later.

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Frances said...

oh Jordi, I know just what you mean about feeling overwhelmed I feel like that and sometimes dream of just getting rid of everything, ofcourse I never would but I must cut down on collecting things that could be useful, so interesting seeing where you live, so different from my now rural life,