Thursday, March 6, 2008


Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, I ordered two matching footstools from I got 2 different ones, sent one back, got another wrong one, sent IT back, got another wrong one and sent back both of them. It was a disaster and the only thing that saved me was that when I contested the purchase with American Express they spoke to Overstock and someone came and picked up 2 40 pound boxes and finally gave me my money back.

That was several months ago, and I couldn't find replacements except at Overstock. I thought I might be on the "never sell to this person again" list, but when I saw some I liked, I tried again and lo and behold, it worked. These arrived today, they are better and slightly cheaper than the others and if I don't learn to like the color I can dye the leather darker...
Nice interior finish, an arm to hold the top up that really works, and ... a bonus...2 boxes/toys for Romeo and Sienna.. what more could you want?


Mark said...

You mean you didn't try Footstools R Us first?

Nicki said...

Yeah, now we both have someplace to rest our feet when knitting.