Thursday, March 13, 2008

Perhaps I have lost my marbles..

I have/make/do a lot of things that just were difficult to imagine as a part of VintagePlastic. They are quirky and different - and certainly not made from Bakelite and Celluloid, though a lot of them do incorporate old things of different types.

SO I found that as long as I referenced the other shop in my description and didn't "heart" myself or anything like that, that I could have two shops.

The new one is just my name... Jordi's

These paper earrings are my first step into the waters. I have been making them for years and the "kids" that I know love them. So here they are. Will they sell??? I wish I knew!

They are inexpensive, as is the shipping, so maybe. I will put the words of your choice on them, and you can buy them one at a time, so you can mix and match. I have a bunch and they wear fairly well, I haven't had any fall apart on me yet, though I am easy on my toys.

I am a little bit worried that they may be too complex a sale, but if I picked out the words I would never have a clue what people wanted...

Feedback is always welcome!

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