Monday, March 31, 2008


I feel like a Lilly Tomlin character, but I can't remember which one.. was it the switchboard operator? Anyway..
there is a purse within my purse.
that was where the wallet was sposed to be
I looked there
the man who cuts my hair looked there
it was empty except for my glasses
On Saturday morning I found my passport and was about to leave for the bank
the purse within the purse was lying there and I took my glasses out
there is a secret compartment inside the purse. A pocket behind the pocket.
you know what was there
as soon as I saw the pocket I knew what was there

but my cards still don't work, once cancelled they can't be uncancelled
but my money DOES work
and I am willing to wait quietly til my card appear

and I never did put out the contract on that man, so he is safe

1 comment:

Gill said...

Didn't quite expect this, though!!

Frustrating, yes....but better that you have all your cards (if not quite all your brain!)

(sorry...I speak from experience that it takes one to know one!!)