Sunday, July 20, 2008

City Island

A while ago the NY Times ran an article about the Islands right around NYC. The first one in the list was City Island, and on Friday a Photography Friend and I set out to see what there was to see. First you take the Number 6 subway all the way out to where it ends.

Then you take the bus for a while through some pretty nice parkland and you are on the Island. If you are like us you take the bus all the way to the end of the Island, intending to walk back.

Of course we chose the hottest day so far this year, not a cloud in the sky and the temp up around 100. It is a long way out there, and, when you get there, it is pretty quiet out there.

These boys weren't interested in moving. They KNEW better.

Some took flight when a man threw the end of his hot dog. (HOT DOG!!! when surrounded by the ocean and fish food joints...only in New York) They went for it. Seagulls are NOT picky.

This was Sammy's. We decided that a beer and something light to eat was in order since we were all the way out at the end of the island and it was a long walk back. We were going to look for things to shoot as we went.
Before we had a chance to order, this arrived. It was complementary! It was good, but we were a little surprised. All we added was a shrimp cocktail.... also good and fresh ... and a beer. That is a whole loaf of bread, and behind it is a half a pan of cornbread!
This was mostly what we saw. It was picturesque, and now I have been there, done that, and didn't bother with the tee shirt.

On the way home, there was this sign in the subway car.

Maybe Staten Island is next?


Travis said...

Did you save me some cornbread?

Gill said...

Mmmm, cornbread! Only just discovered that delicacy - how have we managed to get by without it for so long?

Sounds as though you had an interesting day. Where are the arty shots going to turn up? Want to see!!

jordiw said...

alas, the only thing to be seen were boats way out parked, docks in various states of disrepair, closed shops and fish restaurants. I am sure it is more lively in the evenings, but ... to paraphrase Gertrude Stein .. there is not much THERE, there...