Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The unknown museum

There is a branch of the National Museum of the American Indian in New York. It is downtown at Bowling Green, near the ferry dock, and has an amazing collection and some interesting shows. One of the shows that seems to be at least semi-permanent is called Beauty Surrounds Us, and Gill and Mark saw it when they last visited. It is one of those shows that keeps revealing itself and so I set up a series of shots from that show over on my other blog. So every day for the next 7 days a new picture from the show. I do like this advance scheduling feature..
Since I was down in the Wall Street area I was, on a Sunday, surrounded by tourists. There is a big metal bull sculpture that is quite popular since there is not much else down there on weekends.

A little boy was checking out the sculpture when he saw
"things" whose shapes he recognized.

He charged over and began hugging those round metal things .... I guess he thought he could take them off and play with them...

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NoPeanutz said...

Ha. No wonder MotAI remains undiscovered. Look what is located next to it...