Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm running a series of pictures of patterns over at AbovetheGWB Photo I am working on incorporating a "studio journal" into my daily practice. The class I am taking online is with Sharon B and I have written about it here before.

I am doing more "thinking about it" than using it right this moment, but in part that is while I am processing how to change the focus from fabric to the sort of collage of things that I do. Besides, I was knitting a bathroom rug, and that took time.
I have been shooting a lot of photos, and I decided to get away from representation and into pattern for pattern's sake, so you'll have to bear with me a bit.

Meanwhile, I think part of the dithering is because I want to do so many things and Sharon B. is so pinpoint about what she is all about. I admire that a lot and it makes me feel unfinished or some version of that because there really is no way I would be totally happy with one thing.

The word dilettante springs quickly to mind. At least the definition they use first is lover of the arts. Followed by jack of all trades master of none or words to that effect.

I am loving shooting so many photos. There was a class at ICP that required shooting a roll of film a day doesn't that sound like a great class???? I REALLY wanted to take that class and kept ditzing about it (partly because of the cost, I can assure you) I am almost doing the equivalent now and it is amazing. Digital photography is certainly liberating in that way, and I don't have to pay for developing.


Gill said...

I love these photos, Jordi - and the ones over at your photo blog. Doesn't keeping a 365 blog keep the old eyes open...and haven't you found yourself taking more pics as a result? I have...

As for the dilletante way. We are simply multi-multi media artists of a different kind.

We'd be bored as specialists.

jordiw said...

I would really like to own that "multi-multi-media artist" title!! I agree that we .. the twins from different mothers... would be bored as specialists. I am loving taking pictures all the time. It DOES make you think more about what you see also. I will keep this up, I think for more than the 365 ... I keep thinking about how fast the digital has overtaken film though and wishing Polariods would still be there. I need to dig out my show from the closet and photograph it.