Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Elijah the Elephant

I finished Elijah last night and washed and dried him just to be sure he held up well before I took the pictures to show you...

I was impressed with how quickly it knit up and is perfect for the baby present I was making him to be.

Although the pattern is called Elijah, this one is going to a little girl, so will undergo a sex change operation and become Elly before arriving at her door.... don't worry, it will be perfectly painless.

The details .. Elly is right at 10 inches tall and 8 inches across with her arms spread out. She is a little bit greener than she appears in all the pictures, but I did make her eyes with bright blue cotton ribbon yarn.

She took about 3 ounces of heavyweight sock yarn. It was in my stash and had no label. I decided it was sock yarn of some sort, then had a nervous breakdown about halfway through that she wouldn't wash, but she did just fine. I think I overstuffed the head, but the body and the rest are a little squishy, so it is ok. There is no sewing with this pattern. Ysolda did a wonderful job with it. You knit and stuff the head, pick up stitches for the body, stuff that, add each appendage by picking up stitches and finally do the same for the ears. If you have a good crochet hook this is all do-able and though the first row of knitting after you pick up the stitches is tight, the rest just moves right along.

Now all this baby has to to is arrive!


lila said...

Very cute elephant! I could knit one for my grandson...but will I?
Back to your blog to read more details!
BTW, I came from Loretta's blog!

Gill said...

Oh, so cute, Jordi! Whose baby?

jordiw said...

Hi Gill, welcome back! Amy, who used to work with me is due next week. I am waiting to hear the name, contemplating embroidering an initial on one ear. What you think?