Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August in New York

Usually people leave New York City to the tourists in August. Too hot, too sultry, too sweaty. But this year, August has been glorious. Cool, lovely weather, no crowds and a seat at some lovely restaurants.
Last weekend was Casa Mono. I wish I could wow you with pictures of the food, but I was so busy eating it and loving it that I forgot to take a single picture. Casa Mono is a NY Times 2 star Spanish Restaurant near Gramercy Park. It describes itself as "Mario Batali's Spanish taverna with a New York sensibility." It was SOOO good. We sat at the bar and watched them cook everything and it was a great experience.. yum.

If you look closely at the picture above you should recognize a tv star ... if you are a slave to tv. (ok Jenni, this one is for you ... name him)

It was the second Saturday where streets were closed to cars as an experiment. I went wandering down Park Avenue and into the Farmer's Market at Union Square.

The market was so tempting, the peaches are in and while they do not rival Georgia/South Carolina peaches, they are good. The peppers are in season too, and I love it when you can get a little sampler of all the colors.

August in NY has no big sparklers, but the weather this year is the best and we are having some great sunsets up here above the GWB.. SO, lest you think I have forgotten to look out the window lately.. an August sunset.


Jenni said...

Ok had to look it up on imdb, but is it Dylan McDermott? Do I win a prize?

jordiw said...

You are, of course,right. I KNEW you would know him when you saw him. I love NY. Just standing there with the kids trying to hail a cab like the rest of us.

Prize? Hmmmmmm.... have to think about that. You already have the Prize. He is hanging around somewhere I know.

Gill said...

Well, how remarkable - you knew that Mark and I had dinner with D McD in the Coyote Cafe, didn't you?! He had wife and daughter there, too.

jordiw said...

I didn't know, but I might have forgotten that I did.. How remarkable indeed! That is less than 6 degrees of separation.. do you know Kevin Bacon by chance (G)

Gill said...

(holds head in embarrassment)

Of course, I was wrong. We didn't have supper in the company of D Mc D at all. I lied.

It was Dermot Mulroney.


(easy mistake to make?)

And sadly, no, I don't know Kevin Bacon at all. I never even ate in the same restaurant as him.

I do enjoy the sandwiches though.

jordiw said...

Oh, I love the sandwiches also. There is nothing better for breakfast.

I confess I had to look up Dermot Mulroney, and I am not sure I would have recognized him on a walk-by, but I probably would have had one of those..."I think that is someone, but who" moments. I guess we are at 1 degree of separation on bacon sandwiches and 6 degrees on the rest of them.

Gill said...

Oh Jordi, we had no idea whatsoever who D M was. Mary recognised him as somebody from some movie or other and after two or three phone calls to sisters here and there, the name was settled upon.

I recognise no celebrities whatsoever. I am u.s. at stuff like that.

This was the same supper when the wiggy current affairs guy ws there too...the one who insulted George Bush....whose staff in NM were killed by their daughter sometimes in the last few years....wish I could remember his name!!