Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Look! We have knitting! Actually, we have Finished Knitting. These were a fun knit and the result is great!

They are

Snow on Cedars from Anne Hanson and they knit up beautifully. I, of course, made a small change. I knit them on 2 circulars instead of double points. At first this was a tiny bit hairy, but once I got all of needle one on one circular and needles 2 and 3 on the second with a marker between them, everything went along swimmingly.

The yarn is one of the Raven Clan yarns. Alas it was wound into balls, by me, a while ago and the ball band went somewhere . ... the same place those socks go, I guess. I THINK it is Thraven, but I am just not sure. It is GORGEOUS though and it knits like a dream. I never have a problem with Blue Moon yarn.

As for the hand? I knew she would come in ummmm "handy" at some point. and she shows off the stitches so well.. In spite of only showing you one, there ARE two. Finished Knitting!!

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nadine said...

oh those gloves are Gorgeous !
Good work... and just in time for autumn. What great planning.

Loved that you have a hand-model.