Sunday, August 10, 2008

The saga of socks

These socks were the Jacobean pattern socks that were from a Yahoo group. I have been knitting socks for eons, and I thought that this time I would use a different pattern from the one in my head. Well........back to my head for the next ones. I had one sock completed for a couple of months and could not seem to finish the second. Time for surgery. I should have taken a picture, but forgot. I had the second sock to a reasonable length, but 2 full pattern repeats short of sock 1, so I took the scissors to sock 1. You can't unravel a sewn bind off, so I just cut it off, unravelled it down to the same number of pattern repeats as sock 2.
and finished them both off. Voila!! a pair of socks. They are in Bambolaine which has 25% natural bamboo mixed with the wool. It is described as soft, but I beg to differ, and after washing it is the same as before. I think that played a bigger part in the semifroggo than the boring pattern, but now they are done and I will have more socks for winter and I CAN START ANOTHER PAIR WITH WOOL I LIKE!!!


Gill said...

I was looking out for you and Sienna on Park Avenue during the traffic-free day but no joy - just spotted a poodle and a silly little ditsy thing - no elegant couple like yourselves. Clearly you were at home, frogging socks!

Zaz said...

great socks jordi - and thwe pics of the work place :0)

I will post mine - when I get a sunny day! everything looks so much better in the sun

loved Romeo too

nadine said...

so good to get a pair of "feels like work" socks over with. Yes - now onto something you really like (!) i don't like working with yarns containing bamboo either. too hard on my hands.

who knows what they feel like to wear. i don't know where i put "it" ....

if you have a chance to try the Hand Maiden yarn "casbah", i highly recommend this one ! wow.