Thursday, August 28, 2008

my continuing obsession with the subway

Anyone who has read this blog over the past several months knows that I have a continuing obsession with subway art and signage.

I was in the 42nd street station on the A line last week, and found several different art pieces. This was really fun. It is called "Losing My Marbles" and it rolls around the corner wall and up the tunnel.

According to the artist's online resume, "it is a glass mosaic mural project, consisting of 5 walls, approximately 90 ft. by 9 ft. in total."

This is just one of the marbles close up.. They are really fun, I would probaly rank them second so far behind the Circus at 34th Street.

here is the info listed and an inadvertent self-portrait

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Clockwatcher said...

I've seen that one and I too think it's great. There is an old transitart poster that was in the train a few years ago that I am hoping to buy. Oh, and I like the self-portrait.