Monday, August 4, 2008

The "Other" work area

Gill did such a great job of showing ALL of her work area that I thought I better improve on the What I see when I work post.

Behind my back, Romeo sleeps with HIS back to this kind of work, because he is NOT interested in computers, Clementine, however, gets into this computer stuff
She watches the screen when there are items of interest, like Manny Ramirez being traded from the Boston Red Sox to the west coast...Hooray, out of our hair with your hair, Manny.
This is how it generally looks, my scanner and printer are on the left and it is generally this messy.

Further to the left is the other half of the bookshelf with Rocky the Flying Squirrel right next to my pear monoprint ..... unframed still. Most of the first shelf of books are knitting books, and above that are my graphic novels and some art books. (You didn't think even THIS part was ALL about computers, did you?)

Looking to the right is the stack of paper that equals Gill's stack. Weren't computers supposed to move us into a paperless society? When does THAT happen??? Far to the right are my old cameras and my photos... something to look at so I don't get too wrapped up in the computer screen..

Ok, where are YOU working today???? or yesterday or where will you be working tomorrow?


Anonymous said...
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Heg said...

Great pictures of cats and computers. I accepted your invitation to share views. I posted mine at:

nadine said...

Love The photos - and the cats
are fantastic !
thanks for sharing.