Monday, March 2, 2009

Ok, painting is as done as it is going to be....

This is the bookcase that was the yukky blue.  It is still yukky blue on the backside, but no one is going to see the backside, so there it is, done.
This is the one that was kind of yellowish cream.  So they match.  And they are drying nicely, so when I take the bed apart they will be ready to move into the big room somehow.  I can move them, no problem.  The flat files under the bed are the big question, but since we are covered up in snow today I am just thinking about the bed.

There is some good news.  I sold another pin from my VintagePlastic Etsy store.  I think the link will show you which one it was. That is my first this year.  I am in the process of finding it so I can send it to its new owner.  THERE you have the big problem, since all my "organization" is in tatters, but I have managed to find it, the little black bag that it is supposed to live in forever, the paper and box that all goes into.  Now all I have to find is the envelope I send it off in and the bubble wrap and we will have liftoff.  

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