Saturday, March 30, 2013

Finished Journal Page - Alexandra Leaving by Leonard Cohen

Alexandra Leaving by Leonard Cohen

At least iti s finished as far as right now.  I wrote all the words, because I couldn't cut any out and have it be what it is.
is the song, as Leonard Cohen sings it, which is the only way it should be sung, I think, so I won't put them all here, I'll let you go over there and hear it and read it at the same time.  I'm sorry if you get the dog breath commercial that is running on Youtube at this time, it is a bit gross!  You can skip it after a few seconds.

The quick story of this one is that Plutarch wrote about the destruction of the city of Alexandria during which Antony heard the music of the procession as Bacchus, his protector, left the city and he thus knew he was lost.  Cavafy, a WW I era Greek poet  and translator wrote about it as God Forsakes Antony.  Cohen changed the city to a woman.... and this was the result.

After the point I left the page the last time, once I had written the lyrics, I brought the feathers back partway so they were not just inert shapes hiding behind the words.
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dorothypandorasbox said...

Hi Jordi, That page is beautiful, as is the song on uTube. I hadn't heard it before.
You did a great job there. Bringing the feathers back is just great. Thanks for sharing.