Tuesday, March 12, 2013

what I have been doing lately

I have been making yet another Journal.  I am crazy about making these and I had all these pages, so I decided to do another one. This is what the exposed spine will look like except it will be sewn together.
When I cleared out a lot of things from my parent's apartment, there were things I just added to the box and took along, having no idea what I was doing it for.  Now, several years later, the task has grown cool and I am looking through the boxes of things.  I ended up with an Important box, a Might Be Art Usable But Are Not Really Highly Familial box and a Use This Any Way You Want To box.  If you tend toward hoarding, like me, you will note with relief there was not a Toss This box.  As far as photos go I did decide that 300 photos of me lying on my back at age 3 months were probably 298 pictures too many, so I have created/am in the process of creating one journal with photos of everyone I can identify and only one or two of me at the early stages.

That is, however, not this journal.

The second box is probably going to be scanned and made into printing plates, stencils and transfers, they will remain "whole" for now. So I rummaged about in the third box and found a little book called Daily Food with a pretty cover and in reasonable shape, though the cover and the pages were no longer connected.  I separated them totally and just stared at the cover for a few days until it became, in my mind, part of the cover of my new journal.  So here it is, inset into the cover....

The back cover of the little book is inset into the back of the journal cover even though it is just a block of the nice green color.  I wanted to use the whole book.

I had some foamcore board that I used for the cover and cut the space for the journal out of it, then covered inside and outside and fitted the little green cover into the space.  The paper on the outside of the cover is some paper I brought back from Italy years ago.

The inside of the covers is a collage of some of the pages from inside the little book.  It was a book of daily devotions, so they are all ruminations on bible verses.

This is the first real journal page, though what is going into this journal is still a mystery to me. I am still working on the music of my mind journal  Actually I have done 2 pages there I have not yet posted, but that is another day also...

When I made/painted these pages, there were some that had holes where they were formerly attached to a spiral binding and I decided to use them holes and all, so some of the interior pages look like this.

The spine of the Daily Food book was gilded a little bit by me, though it looks like ocher paint here it really is gold, and I am going to use it as the central binding hinge, the other two hinges are dark green silk cord. 

The pages are punched already for sewing, so this week sometime maybe?  We shall see.... but at least you have an idea where I am going here.
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