Thursday, March 14, 2013

I have declared that it is spring!

One of us has been looking like this.  I think this was right after the word "BATH" was mentioned in her presence.  Doesn't she look delighted in the prospect?  Unfortunately, she is cream colored.  However, if the word "BATH" is not mentioned very regularly in her presence she becomes greige and that color doesn't go with her eyes.  Besides, she sleeps in my bed and there are limits to what I will put up with.

Another of us looked like this.  BATH has not been mentioned in her hearing when this photo was taken.  Dirt is harder to see on her so it generally gets mentioned less often in her hearing.  She still sleeps in her crate, too, so the cleanliness limits are in a different place.  

After last Saturday, this is what we looked like.  

Clementine watched from close to the ceiling just in case water gets sprayed around.

On Sunday, this is what we all looked like.  Nobody laid a hand on Romeo, but he was determined to be included.

It is COLD out there today, and maybe tomorrow, but I am just telling them to move fast and keep warm. 
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